Consulting for Every One of Us

What can J Babylon Consulting do for you personally?

Let the knowledgable folks at J Babylon Consulting take some burdens off your shoulders.

    • Get the best information about new technology
    • Get some training for yourself or relatives on computers, cell phones, or other electronics
    • Let us find the best people to provide repairs, maintenance, and other household tasks
    • Get a ride to the airport or have your personal vehicle taken in for service without having to coordinate with family or take time off from work
    • Have meal planning and grocery shopping, maybe even some home cooking done when a big project is due

If we can't do the project directly, we'll find those who can and manage everything on your behalf. Give us a call at 978.649.7074 or send us an email: with a question and we'll provide at least two different solutions.

**Pricing on a per-situation basis.

Babylon Consulting's Personal Services clients include:

A volunteer who needs occasional personalized wake up calls to get motivated in the mornings.

A semi-retired businessman needing to get his home office sorted and organized

Various individuals interested in how to fully utilize their cell phones

An elderly grandmother wishing to email her children across the country needing to purchase, install, and learn to use a personal computer

A client of NH Vocational Rehabilitation starting her own jewelry making business requiring purchase, installation, and training on an Apple computer

Volunteering with local charities to provide computer literacy training for adult learners